lauantai 16. maaliskuuta 2013

I never forget you.

10 years ago you fly away. God chose you for a reason. I know that this is true but its so hard to say goodbye...
The days have gone bye and it still hurts me like a hell, i want to call you so badly and just say "Hello, I love you" But your memories are all that i have and a precious time in my life!

The days they get easier but they will never be easy, how can they when you lost your big brother.
I write this for you, you are the best. I have never for one second quit loving you the same way that i did the day when you took your last breathe.

So i miss you and always remember that. I will see you in heaven one day. <3

Oh, and one more thing... I LOVE YOU NOW AND FOREVER MY OWN BIG BROTHER <3

Hyvää syntymäpäivää rakas isoveli 16.3 <3

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